Fuck your title

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i loose myself when i'm around you
around you
feelings make you freek out
don't you feel the same way?
tuesday's gone
we'll see that tomorrow
'cause tomorrow never die
playing the game
that's not your point
always wanna play but you never wanna loose
watch myself
always wanna go but i never wanna stay

my mind doesn't play mastermind
i'll wait 'til you speak
any word, any time
just waiting
when angels deserve to die

anger doesn't solve my problem with you
passion leads us blinded
where is our mind?

dance for me
dance for you
this is your fun
i watch: this is my fun

stop crying
charming prince doesn't exist
don't be afraid
i'm here, but not for long
can't stay
the sentence day rings so far
it's time to fight
fight the future
our love has no end
but our life is right to die

yesterday i looked at your eyes
today, i'm thinking about you
tomorrow, we'll die together

i killed your charming prince
'cause i'm not your meant-to-be
this fight was the fight of my life
flood of blood, only love controled my hands
love of your eyes

the sun is burning
butterflies are flying their last days
you'll never go to Heaven
i'll ever burn in Hell, waiting for you, forever

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